B1912A V1.2 (SD to Micro SD FPC Extender)

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B19 Series V1.2 (SD to Micro SD FPC Extender)


B19 Series V1.2  (SD to Micro SD card Extender) is a debug or test tool.

  • The FPC cable is designed for flexible use.
  • It allows an SD Card to be extended from the micro SD slot.
  • It's specially designed to save valuable labor and time in the production environment.
  • The Micro SD extender is designed to minimize the signal degradation effects of the extender by proven design techniques.
  • It’s also a powerful tool for engineers, or for use in mobile phone micro SD test protection



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Brief   Taiwan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
B1912A Dimension   Taiwan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
B1912A 3D Model   Taiwan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
B1905C Dimension   Taiwan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
B1905C 3D Model   Taiwan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
Schematic:   Tawan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
SD Extender comparison  Taiwan  Taiwan 2 Mirror  China Mirror
Selection Guide   Tawan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror