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Product Overview

  • M.2 NVMe to PCI Express 4.0 conver
  • Built-in two M.2 M-key Females connector
  • DP8206 can be offered in two x4 data link width configurations (need CPU and BIOS both support) for dual port M.2 connector.
  • Supports power input from PCIe CEM +12V or external PCIe 12V AUX Power
  • Supports Server BMC management
  • Built-in SMBus Switch(Address: 0xE2) for M.2 SSD SMBus, Clock buffer SMBus communication
  • Built-in SMBus I/O Expander(Address: 0x40) for M.2 PWRDIS control
  • Supports PCIe PERST# for OOB(out of band) management to remote M.2 SSD Reset
  • Supports 3.3V Power Rail for OOB(out of band) management to disable M.2 SSD Power
  • Supports PCIe REFCLK Buffer fan out(Address: 0xD8) for M.2 dual port, it shall be buffered and fanned out to the individaul M.2 module
  • Built-in WAKE# Auto-Direction Sensing Between PCIe CEM and M.2 SSD
  • Built-in CLKREQ# Auto-Direction Sensing Between PCIe CEM and M.2 SSD
  • PWM synchronous buck converter Power IC
  • ◆8A maximum output current
  • ◆Short circuit protection
  • ◆ln-rush current suppression
  • ◆Thermal shutdown protection
  • ◆ESD HBM (Human Body Mode)/2KV
  • Each M.2 port is with 5A current Load switch Power to protect M.2 NVMe SSD
  • LED1, LED3 Green LED on indicates M.2 NVMe SSD power ready
  • LED2, LED4 RED LED Blinking indicates M.2 SSD active status