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Product Overview

  • Gen-Z 2C(EDSFF) to PCIe x8 convert
  • Built-in Gen-Z 2C, 30u”connector
  • Built-in PCIe x8, 15u”Slot
  • Built-in PCIe PERST# Bus Buffer
  • Support PCIe PERST# manual reset & generator
  • Built-in PCIe WAKE# Bus Buffer
  • Built-in PCIe CLKREQ# Bus Buffer
  • Built-in SMBus Hot Swappable 2-Wire Bus Buffer
  • Supports I/O card insertion into a live PCIe Solt without corruption of the data and clock busses
  • Built-in +12V Hot Plug Power with eFuse protection for PCIe +12V
  • ◆ Programmable Current Limit: 6.5A
  • ◆ Programmable Inrush Current Slew Rate
  • ◆ Thermal shutdown protection and fault alert
  • ◆ Back-to-Back (B2B) FET Operation
  • Built-in 12V input with 400W TVS(Transient Voltage Suppressor) ESD protection
  • Built-in 12V output with 30-V, N channel NexFET power MOSFET, 32 m ohm
  • Built-in 12V output with Schottky Barrier Power Rectifier
  • PWM synchronous 12V to 3.3V buck converter Power
  • ◆ 4A maximum output current
  • ◆ Over Current Protection
  • ◆ Under Voltage Protection
  • ◆ Under voltage lock out protection (UVLO) monitors
  • ◆ Thermal shutdown protection
  • ◆ ESD Human Body Mode(HBM)/2KV
  • Built-in 3.3V Power Load Switch for PCIe +3.3V
  • 12V to 3.3V LDO buck converter Power
  • Built-in 3.3V Power Load Switch for PCIe 3.3Vaux
  • LED1 PCIe +12V power ready
  • LED2 PCIe +3.3V power ready
  • LED3 PCIe 3.3Vaux power ready