JET-5464 ( DDR3 DIMM Extender with Current Measuring )

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Product Overview



The JET-5464 DDR3 DIMM Extender is designed to protect Memory Module and to extend the life of the original sockets on the system or tester. It also come with the function to measure the total current and power conumption. Simply plug the JET-5464 into the DDR3 sockets on the motherboard or tester. Then insert the memory module onto the JET-5464 for testing. 

  • CSR (Current Sensing Resistor) Specification : 10m ohm ± %, 1/2 W.
  • VDD Measuring Method: Measure the voltage across the CSR (Current Sensing Resistor) both sides, to count the current according the 1=V/R formula. JET-5464 used the three CSR in parallel, so the parallel resistor value is 3.33m ohm, or uses an ohmmeter to measure the resistor's value.
  • Current Measuring Method: User can remove the three CSR and connect an ampere meter across the CSR pins to perform measurement. 


  • Design: 4 Layers PCB design
  • Compatibility: Compliant with JEDEC Specification MO-269B
  • Lifespan: Under Normal operation the socket lifespan is > 600 times
  • Over current protection on SPD device