JET-5495 DDR3 240pin DIMM Extender High Frequency 2133Mhz

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Product Overview

Introduction „ The JET-5495 DDR3 240 Extender is designed for testing of memory modules. „ It is used to protect the DDR3 Memory module during testing. „ For DDR3 Memory module testing, user needs plug the JET-5495 into tested machine (such as motherboard or DDR3 Memory module testing equipment) firstly. And plug the DDR3 Memory Module into socket of JET-5495 during module testing.
Feature „

Design4 Layers PCB design. „

CompatibilityCompliant with JEDEC Specification MO-269B

Impedence Match at 2133Mhz

LifespanNormal operation is without human wrong insertion. DDR3 socket lifespan able to over 600 times is used for memory module. Test condition 1. PCB thickness1.27 +/- 0.1mm. 2. PCB Golden Finger used no tie-bar for manufacturing. 3. Operator insert Memory Module into the socket, must parallel insertion for both ends. If human wrong insertion or Memory module PCB not follow above test rules will serious reduction the Extender lifespan.