JET-5611AK (DDR4 288 Adapter - upgraded version of JET-5611AA)

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Product Overview

The JET-5611AK DDR4 240 Extender is designed for testing of memory module maker.  It is used to protect the DDR4 Memory module during testing.  For DDR4 Memory module testing, user needs plug the JET-5611AK onto the tested machine (such as motherboard or DDR4 Memory module testing equipment) and plug the DDR4 Memory Module into the socket of JET-5611AK for module testing.


  • Design:4 Layers PCB design.
  • Compatibility:Compliant with JEDEC Specification MO-309C
  • Frequency over 2133 MHz
  • Over current protect on the SPD device
  • DDR4 Socket lifespan over 600 times at normal operation
  • Test condition: 1. PCB thickness : 1.40 +/-; 2. PCB Golden Finger used no tie-bar for manufacturing; 3. Inserting memory module onto the socket must be parallel insertion on both ends