JET-5662AC (DDR5 RDIMM Extender Long Ears)

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Product Overview


„ The JET-5662AC DDR5 RDIMM Extender is designed for testing of memory module maker.

„ It is used to protect the DDR5 RDIMM Memory module during testing.

„ For DDR5 RDIMM Memory module testing, user needs plug the JET-5662AC into tested machine (such as motherboard or DDR5 RDIMM Memory module testing equipment) firstly. And plug the DDR5 RDIMM Memory Module into socket of JET-5662AC during module testing.


„ Design: 4 Layers PCB design.

„ Compatibility: Compliant with JEDEC Specification MO-329C.

„ Frequency over 4800 MHz.