JET-5442 (DDR2 214pin Micro DIMM adapter)

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Product Overview


DDR2 214pin Micro DIMM adapter. Convert DDR2 214pin Micro DIMM into 240pin DIMM adapter.

The JET-5442 Adapter is designed to provide an alternative test solution through standard 240pin DDR2 DIMM connector. Simply plug the JET-5442 into the DDR2 DIMM socket on the motherboard or test system. Then insert the 214pin Micro DIMM module onto the JET-5442 for testing, trousbleshooting and verification. 


- Design:4 Layers PCB Desing

- Lifespan: Under normal operation use, the lifespan of this DDR2 Micro DIMM adapter could exceed 600 insertions


RoHS Compliant