pSLC Micro SD 3.0 [4GB - 32GB] - Royale 152

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Product Overview

Royale-152 MicroSD pSLC cards' low power consumption and extended endurance are ideal for both Linux-based and Windows-based embedded systems. It is fully compliance with the specifications released by SD Card Association. This industrial MicroSD 3.0 card comes with 8-pin interface, designed to operate at a maximum operating frequency of 208MHz. The pSLC mode offers improved performance and extended endurance of 20,000 program/erase cycles and yet cost-effective. 


- pSLC Mode (20,000 P/E cycles)

- Operating temperature 0°C to 70°C [optional -25°C to 85°C]

- Capacity from 4GB to 32GB

- Support micro SD system specification version 3.0

- Support SD SPI mode

- Error Correction Code (ECC)

- Improved Wear leveling

- Smart Function Monitoring

- Auto-Read Refresh

- Bad Block Management

- RoHS Compliance

- Operating Voltage Range: 2.7V ~ 3.6V


Pseudo SLC Performance
Pseudo SLC can be viewed as an enhanced version of MLC. While MLC contains fast and slow pages, pSLC only uses fast pages for programming. And hence it improves overall read/write performance and extends the endurance of the cards at a fraction of the cost compare to SLC NAND.



 Bus Speed Mode