SIM Card Flexible Extender (SD Card Flexible Extender Selection Guide)



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Part-Number     Dimension


Part Number B3114A
FPC projects B
Plug form (L) 31 (Serial Number)
Connector (R)
cable length 14 (14CM)
Version A (1st)

More SIM extension cable example:

B3214A-DB32, Standard SIM to SIM flexible adapter
B3012A-BP, (Special ‘BP’ logo OEM Code)
   OEM info:

      [OEM info] SIM, SD extension product components design info

Plug form(L) Plug

Connector(R) Conn



OEM Material

Full-Size SIM plug
SIM plug
Micro SIM plug
Nano SIM plug
SD plug
Micro SD plug
Golden finger pin

Full-Size SIM conn
SIM conn
Full-Size SD conn 

05 (5CM)
10 (10CM)
14 (14CM)
18 (18CM)

A, (1st)
B, (2nd)
C, (3rd )


-XX (OEM Code)


      FPC / FFC Material Spec

Vendor Material Flammability RoHS Operating temp. Solder shock Peel Strength Thickness Surface Resistance
DuPont FPC UL94 V-0 Compatible UL 796,180oC 288oC/10sec >1.8 N/mm 0.1mm >E16Ω
ShengYi UL94 V-0 Compatible / 288oC/10sec >1.2 N/mm 0.1mm >105 MΩ
Bplus FFC VW-1 Compatible AWM 20624, 80oC / / 0.1mm /

Manufacturer info 
SIM FPC Cable extension, SIM push-push connector, extender converter adapter 0.1mm thickness, jumper SD slot Card micro SD lock type connector test tool full size micro nano mini size 0.5 , 1.0 pitch FFC FPC FR4 PAD OEM EE 3D model design

Any kinds of cable you want to OEM, please contact us anytime. 
Custom cables: Quantities up to 50PCS, lead time: 3 weeks.
Custom FPC cable: Charge NRE for US$350.
Custom cables ordered are non-refundable.

Urgently order production Capability 20K/PCS Monthly.



Micro SIM Extender Product List

    Micro SIM Extender
B2040A (KZ-B20 V1.0) 
B2014B (KZ-B20 v1.1)
Micro SIM to SIM Thunder
    180 O Extender reverse Micro SIM card is a small (for Samsung Galaxy)
B3014A (KZ-B30)
Micro SIM to SIM Thunder (Galaxy)
B4215A (KZ-B42)
Micro SIM to SIM push type Extender


Nano SIM Extender Product List

    Nano SIM Extender product 
B3114A (KZ-B31)
Nano SIM to SIM Thunder (iPhone5)
    Nano SIM Extender products for iPhone5
Nano SIM to full size SIM Thunder 
    180o Nano SIM Extender products 
Nano SIM to full size SIM Thunder 
Nano SIM
Nano SIM - SIM
Nano SIM to Full Size SIM Extender
Nano SIM for iPhone5
Nano SIM 
    180o Nano SIM Extender products 
Nano SIM to SIM Extender 
nano SIM SIM Card


Card Tray Product List

    Card tray for APPLE
B20 series Micro SIM Card tray for iPhone4
B31,B32 series Nano SIM Card tray for iPhone5
    Card tray for SIM Product List
Micro SIM to normal SIM card tray
Micro SIM to normal SIM card tray (GGMM)
Nano SIM to normal SIM card tray
    Card tray for micro SD Product List
Micro SD to full SD card tray


Apple Application

Model APPLE iPhone 5 APPLE  iPhone 5S(c) Apple
NEW iPad
Mobile Phone  
SIM form factor
Nano SIM  
FFC extension
B3113A (KZ-B31)
B3214A-DB32 (KZ-B32)
CT22 Nano SIM Card tray for iPhone5, New iPadCT23  Nano SIM Card tray for iPad-miniCT22, B3113A, B3214A-DB32

Model APPLE iPhone 4 APPLE  iPhone 4S Apple iPad Apple iPad2
Mobile Phone
SIM form factor
 Micro SIM  
FFC extension
B3113A (KZ-B31)


Samsung Application

Model Samsung Note2 Samsung Note3 Samsung S3 Samsung S4 Samsung Note8.0
Mobile Phone
SIM form factor
Note2   Note3  S3 S4Note8.0 
Micro SIM
FFC extension
B3014A (KZ-B30)
B1810A (KZ-B18)
(KZ-B19-DB19 v1.1)


                                              SIM & SD Card introduction

     SIM thickness

SIM Card Size Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Real Thickness (mm)
Full-size (FF) 85.60 53.98 0.76 0.80 or OEM
Mini-SIM (2FF) 25.00 15.00 0.76 0.80 or OEM
Micro-SIM (3FF) 15.00 12.00 0.76 0.75 or OEM
Nano-SIM (4FF) 12.30 8.80 0.67 0.70 or OEM
Embedded-SIM 6.00 5.00 <1.0 Embedded-SIM


     SD thickness

SD Card Size Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Real Thickness (mm)
Full-size SD 24.00 32.00 1.40 1.40 or OEM
Micro SD 11.00 15.00 0.75 0.75 or OEM