1.8" ZIF PATA [8GB-128GB] - Royale 550

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Royale 550
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Product Overview

Royale 550 1.8" ZIF PATA Solid State Drive

The ZIF SSD consists of semiconductor devices using NAND Flash Memory that provides high reliablity and high performace for storage media. The 1.8" ZIF does not have any moving parts such as platter (disk) or head media, which makes it a better solution for notebook PCs and tablet PCs for a storage device. The module also provides rugged features in industrial PC with extrem environments and high MTBF. In sum, Royale 550 provides high performance, reduced latencies and a low power consumption in a small form factor, making it an ideal solution.


  • Easy Installation
  • Bad Block Management
  • Wear-leveling
  • Supports SMART
  • Supports ECC
  • Read Endurance: unlimited
  • Data Retention: 10 years (at 25C)






 Electrical  3.3V (Operating Voltage)

 Form Factor

 PATA 1.8" 






 8GB~128GB (support 48bit addressing mode)


 Sequential Read:

 Up to 113MB/s

 Sequential Write:

 Up to 88MB/s


 Standard ATA/IDE Bus Interface

 512 Bytes/Sector

 Compatible with ATA Command Set





 Write Endurance

 >8 years @(half of total capacity) write/day (MLC) 

 Read Endurance



 >2,000,000 hours

 Data Retention

 10 years

 Bad-Block Management

 Advanced bad sector management algorithms


 Static and dynamic wear-leveling algorithms


 Built in hardware ECC circuit (up to 72bit/1KB)


 Storage temperature


 Operation temperature


 0~70 ℃


 -40~85 ℃




 2-500Hz at 3.1G


 50(G), 11(ms), half-sine wave



RoHS Compliant