512GB - 2.5-Inch PATA IDE MLC (Toshiba NAND) SSD

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Product Overview

Royale 650 PATA 2.5"Solid State Drive

Royale's 2.5" PATA Solid State Disk (SSD) is a non-volatile solid state data storage system that has become a popular storage media solution, in comparison to conventional Hard Disk Drives (HDD). SSDs are able to provide a more robust and cost effective storage solution for any embedded application because it does not have any mechanical components. SSDs come with a standard ATA interface that is fully compatible with traditional HDD, making the 2.5" PATA an easy solution for integration in PC based systems. 


  • Easy Installation
  • Standard 50-pin 2.5" form factor
  • Light weigth and noiseless
  • Supports Power-Saving Implementation
  • Supports power down commands and idle modes
  • Supports Low Power Management: Power Sleep Mode
  • Supports data transer up to PIO mode 4
  • Supports data transfer up to Multiword DMA mode 2
  • Supports data transfer up to Ultra DMA mode 7
  • Built-in embedded flash file system
  • Implemented with automatic error detection and retry capability






 Electrical  3.3V (Operating Voltage)

 Form Factor

 PATA 2.5" 






 4GB~512GB (support 48bit addressing mode)


 Sequential Read:

 80 MB/s

 Sequential Write:

 65 MB/s 

 Power Dissipation 






 Standard ATA/IDE Bus Interface 

 512 Bytes/Sector

 Compatible with ATA command set


 Selectable Master/Slave setting


 Standard 50-pin 2.5" form factor



 1,000,000 hours

 Bad-Block Management

 Advanced bad sector management algorithms


 Static and dynamic wear-leveling algorithms


 Built in hardware ECC circuit (up to 68bit/1KB)


 Storage temperature


 Operation temperature


0~70 ℃


-40~85 ℃








 RH 90% nder 40C  

 RoHS Compliant