B20 Series

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Product Overview

B20 Series (Micro SIM to SIM Card Extender)


B20 V1.0 Micro SIMcard Extender is a debug and test tool. Design the FPC cable for flexible use.
It allows a SIM Card to be extended from the host slot for SIM interface.
It’s especially designed to save valuable labor and time in the production environment. The SIM extender is designed to minimize the signal degradation effects of the extender by proven design techniques. 
It’s also a powerful tool for engineers,or use for mobile phone SIM test protection.

 B2040A Total length 40CM


B2040A  (Old P/N: KZ-B20 V1.0)

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B2040A (Old P/N: KZ-B20 V1.0)

(micro SIM to SIM Card Extender) Total length 40cm


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Brief V1.1   Taiwan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
Brief V1.0   Taiwan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
B2014B Dimension   Taiwan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
B2014B 3D Model   Taiwan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
B2040A 3D Model   Taiwan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
Schematic   Tawan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
Selection Guide   Tawan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror