JET-5601AC - DDR4 DIMM to DIMM Adapter with Long Ear

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Product Overview

Product Description

The JET-5601AC DDR4 288pin Extender with longer ears and patented PCB design to fit right into the systems' connectors. It is designed to extend the life of the original sockets on the systems. Simply plug the JET-5601AC into the DDR4 DIMM socket on the system. Then insert the memory module onto the JET-5601AC for testing or burning-in. 


- Patented design with impedance matching: Excellent Performance

- Frequency: Over 2133Mhz

- Design: 4 Layers PCB Design

- Compatibility: Compliant with JEDEC Specification MO-309C

- Lifespan: Under normal operation use, the lifespan of this DDR4 DIMM socket saver could exceed 600 insertions

- East-of-Use: Convenient operation with straight-cut socket

- Protection: Over Current Protection on SPD device

Testing condition:

  1. PCB thinkness: 1.40 ± 0.1mm
  2. PCB gold finger: NO tie bar
  3. Ensure memory module contact pins are aligned with and in parallel to the socket during insertion
  4. JET-5601AC - Ram Module PIN1.145 support Voltage 12V