JET-5608AK - DDR4 SODIMM to DIMM Adapter with Metal Guide

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Product Overview

JET-5608AK (DDR4 SODIMM to DIMM Adapter w/ Metal Guide)

  • Designed to test the newest DDR4 SODIMM modules on desktop setting.
  • Simply plug the JET-5608AK into the DDR4 DIMM socket on the system or tester. Then insert the DDR4 SODIMM module onto the JET-5608AK for testing or burning-in. 


  •  Patented design 
  •  Frequency: Over 2133Mhz 
  •  Design: 4-Layered PCB Design
  •  Compatibility: Compliant with JEDEC Specification
  •  Lifespan: Under normal operational use, the lifespan of this DDR4 SODIMM adapter could exceed 600 insertions
  •  Protection: Over-Current Protection on SPD device
  •  Supports EEPROM (SPD) device on protector card.
  •    JP1: Selecting EEPROM (SPD) device location
  •    1-2 short: Select EEPROM (SPD) device on adapter
  •    2-3 short: Select EEPROM (SPD) device on the Memory Module (DUT). Set this jump to use on regular PC
  • Added Metal-Guide in the SODIMM socket to ensure proper alignment and extend the lifespan of the adapter