JET-5650AK DDR4-Mini DDR4 Adapter

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Product Overview

The JET-5650AK DDR4-MiniDDR4 Adapter 

  • Designed for testing of memory module maker. 
  • It is used to protect the MiniDDR4 module during testing.
  • For MiniDDR4 module testing ,user needs plug the JET-5650AK into tested machine (such as motherboard or DDR4 testing equipment) firstly. 
  • And plug the MiniDDR4 Module into socket of JET-5650AK during module testing.  


  • Design:4 Layers PCB and low noise design.
  • Compatibility
  • Compliant with JEDEC Specification. 
  • Frequency over 2133 MHz. 
  • Over current protect on the SPD device. 
  • Supporting EEPROM (SPD) device on protector card for optional use.
  • JP1:Selecting EEPROM (SPD) device location.
  • 1-2 short: Selecting EEPROM (SPD) device on protector card.
  • 2-3 short: Selecting EEPROM (SPD) device on the tested Memory module
  • Added Metal-Guide in the DIMM socket to ensure proper alignment and extend the lifespan of the adapter