MP1 (Mini PCI-E / PCI-E adapter ver 1.0a)

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Product Overview

MP1  ( Mini PCI-E / PCI-E adapter ver 1.0a )


The PCI-E Mini Card passive adapter is designed for desktop PCs that converts Mini-Card to USB port or standard PCI-Express 1x slot.
You can insert your USB type minicard to this adapter then plug to USB port through USB cable.
Or insert your PCI-E type mini-card into this adapter then insert to PCI-E 1x connector.


  • Mini PCI express to PCI express 1x converter.
  • Allows user to test PCI Express Mini modules on the PCI Express slot.
  • Allow user to test USB Mini-card modules on the USB port.
  • Supports two primary system bus interface: PCI Express and USB
  • Supports all of Mini-Cards such as 3G,CDMA, WLAN,WWLAN, MODEM Mini Card to desktop PC.

System Requirements

  • PCI-Express 1x slot and USB port
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista 32/64,Windows 7
  • Linux

There are existing mPCIe 'form factor' SSD's that present SATA and PATA interface, but none that use the standard mPCIe pinout (i.e. mPCIe tx/rx pins). 
MP1 support standard mPCIe minicard. Can't support custom SATA/PATA SSD minicard.
Please check compatibility list for detail. 


MPxx products functions comparison





Converts Mini-Card to USB port or standard PCI-Express 1x slot.

Supports Standard Height PCI Express bracket

Supports Low Profile PCI Express bracket



Support Full-Mini Card dimension

Support Half-Mini Card dimension


Add u.FL/IPX to RP-SMA pigtail WiFi RF cable



Add SIM card connector







Package Contents

Unit price: US$ 60

MP1 (Mini PCI-E / PCI-E adapter ver 1.0a) x1

USB 2.0 A Male to B Mini 5 Pin Cable x1

Screw x2




Metal Baffle

Package Contents

Unit price: US$ 5

Metal Baffle
(Half to Full miniCard Bracket)

Screw x4


Documents Download
Brief(PDF):  Taiwan 1   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
Dimension (PDF):  Taiwan 1   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
Schematic (PDF):  Taiwan 1   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
User manual(PDF):  Taiwan 1   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
Compatibility List(PDF):  Taiwan 1   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror