PM2C (Mini PCI-E to PCI-E/USB adapter)

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Product Overview

PM2C V2.1 (PCI-E / Mini PCI-E adapter)


The PCI-E 1x to Mini PCI-E Card 1.0 is a debug tool for PCI-E interface card.
This module allows you to use your existing PCI-Express Add-in-Card in the Mini PCI-E slot.
It's especially designed to save valuable labor and time in the production environment.
As a powerful tool for engineers, the PCI-E 1x to Mini PCI-E Card 1.0 is constructed of high quality components for years of trouble free service.


  • Designed to meet PCI Express™ Mini Card Electromechanical Specification Revision 1.0 and PCI Express™ base specification vision 1.1
  • Supports 1x PCI-Express Card and USB
  • Compliant with multi-system of PC
  • High quality connectors for long service life
  • Use external 5V/12V power supply for USB and PCIe device


  • PCI express mini card slot

Product Specifications

Dimension: Width 30mm, Length 51mm, PCB Thickness 1.0mm Max


PM2 and PM2C products functions comparison


Add DC/DC 3.3V to 5V/1A(Max) for USB device and 3.3V to 12V/200mA(Max) for PCIe supply
If you want to convenience use your device. PM2 is better solution. It don’t need install external power


Use external 5V/12V power supply for USB and PCIe device
If you hope have more clean signal without noise the PM2C is better solution, it’s power is supply by external power supply.



Documents Download

Brief (PDF):   Taiwan   Taiwan 2   China Mirror
Dimension (PDF):   Taiwan   Taiwan 2   China Mirror
Schematic (PDF):   Taiwan   Taiwan 2   China Mirror
SWEX Brief (PDF):   Taiwan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
SWEX dimension (PDF):   Taiwan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror
SWEX Schematic (PDF):   Taiwan   Taiwan 2 Mirror   China Mirror