PM3U (Mini Card to USB2.0 Adapter

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Product Overview

PM3U (MiniCard to USB2.0 Adapter)


PM3U is adapter for MiniCard (miniPCIe with USB I/F) slot to USB2.0 interface.
It is very suitable for any small size USB device into laptop PC to be built-in, such as;

  • Wireless Mouse USB Receiver
  • USB bluetooth adatpter
  • USB WiFi adatper
  • USB Flash memory
  • USB Card Reader for micorSD / M2

Not only for Full-size MiniCard adapter but also Half-size MiniCard by removing extra Full-size extensions.


  • Allows your laptop PC to save an external USB slot. Insert your small USB device in the Laptop PC.
  • Transparent to the operating system and does not require any software drivers.
  • Both Full and Half size of MiniCard Slots are supported.

USB2.0 Bus connection regardless of USB3.0 connector.

System Requirements:

MiniCard slot with USB2.0 interface
(Full or Half size)


PM3U Package Contents  
Unit price: US$ 40

PM3U ( MiniCard to USB2.0 Adapter ) x1

   Screw x2



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