U0909A (USB2.0 9Pin Header to SD Card Reader)

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Product Overview

U0909A (USB2.0 9 Pin Header to SD Card Reader)


The U0909A is a USB 2.0 SD/MMC Flash Card Reader working at USB2.0 9pin header port. It supports USB 2.0 high-speed transmission to Secure DigitalTM (SD), SDHC, SDXC, miniSD, microSD (T-Flash), MultiMediaCardTM (MMC), RS-MMC, MMCmicro, MMCmobile. The U0909A complies with Universal Serial Bus specification rev. 2.0, USB Storage Class specification ver.1.0, and SD/MMC card interface specification.
The U0909A integrates a high speed 8051 microprocessor and a high efficiency hardware engine for the best data transfer performance between USB and flash card interfaces. Use GL823 as the main chip IC.


  • USB specification compliance
    • Comply with 480Mbps Universal Serial Bus specification rev. 2.0
    • Comply with USB Storage Class specification rev. 1.0 : Standard Device Driver available.
  • Integrated USB building blocks
    • USB2.0 transceiver macro (UTM), Serial Interface Engine (SIE), Build-in power-on reset (POR) and low-voltage detector (LVD)
  • Embedded 8051 micro-controller
    • Operate @ 60 MHz clock, 12 clocks per instruction cycle
    • Embedded mask ROM and internal SRAM
  • Standard Size SD Card Slot: Secure DigitalTM (SD) and MultiMediaCardTM (MMC)
    • Support SD specification v1.0 / v1.1 / v2.0/ SDHC (Up to 32GB)
    • Compatible with SDXC (Up to 2TB)
    • Support MMC specification v3.x / v4.0 / v4.1 / v4.2.
    • x1 / x4 bit data bus
  • Provide Over-Current protection mechanism for safety power supply for SD card.  
  • On-Chip power MOSFETs for supplying flash media card power
  • Support Power Saving mode/ Selective suspend mode for better power management.
  • Operating system supported: Windows 7/Vista32&64/XP/2000/Me/98/98SE, Mac OS 9.X/10.X, Linux Kernel 2.4.X/2.6.X
    • Pass Windows Vista/ Windows 7


  • System Requirements
    USB 2.0 9pin port
  • Dimension
    58mm X 45mm X 8mm (available at low profile height system)
  • Certifiction
  • Operating Temperature 
    0 ~ 70℃




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